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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Do I have to pay for parking?

    The Suburban Collection Showplace charges $5.00 per day for parking. Each exhibitor receives 1 weekend parking passes per 10x10 Booth Space

  2. How many parking passes do exhibitors get?

    Each exhibitor receives one parking passes at Set-Up (per 10x10 booth space).

  3. Do you have special parking area for exhibitors?

    Exhibitor Parking is behind the building, the northwest corner of the site; exhibitors will be directed to the appropriate parking areas by the Suburban Collection Showplace Staff.

  4. What are the set up hours?

    Set-up Hours are Thursday, 12-8pm and Friday, 8am-1pm.

  5. Can I set up early?

    Bulk exhibitors 400 sq ft and over will be allowed early set-up and will receive information regarding the times.

  6. Can I tear my booth down the day after the show has ended?

    No, unfortunately there is a show moving in 8 am Monday. ALL booths have to be removed Sunday. Tear Down hours are from Show Close, 5pm-Midnite.

  7. Can I leave my vehicle and/or trailer overnight in the expo parking lot?

    Trailers and vehicles can be left on-site by prior arrangement with Show Management only.

  8. Do you provide shuttle service from the hotels?

    Show Promotions does not provide Shuttle Service to the hotels, but some hotels do run shuttle vans. Please check with your hotel to find out the times and procedures.

  9. How can I order extra tables/chairs for my booth?

    ArtCraft Display provides all the decorating for the Expo Center and is a separate company. Additional tables and chairs must be contracted (and paid for) through them. Please refer to Current Exhibitor Info for order forms and more information.

  10. I want to serve food/drinks in my booth - do I need any permits?

    All sampling has to have prior approval by Show Management and the Concessions Manager of Suburban Collection Showplace and file the appropriate permits with the Oakland County Health Department.

  11. I have several shifts of people working during the weekend. How do I get more exhibitor badges?

    Workers should be told to leave their Exhibitor Badges in your booth. Exhibitors must enter through Exhibitor Entrance adjacent to the Exhibitor Parking area at the back of the building. When the next shift comes in, they can inform the Security Staff posted at this entrance that they are working a booth and show a business card to be allowed into the show.


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