Largest Consumer Golf Show In The Country

General Information


  • 200,000 sq ft of Exhibit Space
  • Over 32,500 attendees in 2017
  • Interactive Events!

    Key Michigan Golf Show Demographics:
  •  80% play golf a minimum of 4 times per month
  •  Average income $79,000, own home
  •  65% plan a golf vacation within the next year
  •  90% plan on a golf-related purchase within six months

Please contact us with any questions:  
Ph:  517-548-1200  
      OR via email:

Andrea Stevens --
Todd Smith --

ALL Exhibitors MUST sign and return a copy of the Show Rules & Regs.  
Show Promotions, LLC Rules & Regs will be strictly enforced!

For more information contact us at 517-548-1200

Exhibitor move-in:
Thursday - Noon-8pm (drive-in permitted on Thursday only!)
Friday 8am - 1pm


X Golf Michigan
Treetops Resort
Garland Lodge & Resort
Michelob Ultra